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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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by anushkapragya17

Share; share it with us all, Share; we sure wouldn't let you fall, Share; make your every feeling count, Without hesitation, or a doubt!

Share; share all that you have inside, Share; leaving all other thoughts aside, Share; we know you can do it now, Tell everything you want to: why, when and how!

Share; lift the burden off your heart, Share; your words are a piece of art, Share; 'cause your tale is worth every second, To say all you feel, we have always beckoned!

Share; we're not gonna judge you for this, Share; whether it's about pain or bliss, Share, we are always ready to hear, No matter we're away or just as near!

Share; because it will give you relief, Share; share your story, long or brief, Share; for one more time we tell you, Your every thought and emotion, we value!!

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