Power of Feelings
Power of Feelings


anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Let's create a happier world!

Power of Feelings

The power to make or break, lies in how you express what you feel;

The way you react in circumstances, does make them a big deal.

Your eyes are the gateway to your mind, without you even realising it;

A person might just read your mind and every feeling, bit by bit.

Fake happiness in your eyes, can be found out, my friend;

And that can put the happiness, of a person you love, to an end.

On the contrary, when you're actually happy, those eyes do sparkle bright;

Putting a halt to others' misery, giving a soothing and tranquil light.

Do you realise, your lips are the source of a unique energy?

Depending on your feelings, positive or negative may it be.

Your one beautiful smile can brighten the days, of people so many;

No matter what the situation is, or whatever time of the day it be.

But when you frown, it doesn't go unnoticed by your dear ones;

It hits their hearts with smearing shots, as if coming from grief's guns.

You need to realise that your feelings don't only affect you;

They do bring a difference to the spirits of people around you, too.

When you're not happy it does make them grim, if genuinely they care;

And if you love them, to make them sad, how can you even dare?

Someone else's deeds should not cause you to sadden them;

After all, they are the ones who've polished you into a gem.

If there's a chance of spreading joy through a bright face, let's do so;

Keeping aside the misery for once, let streams of happiness flow.

So let's try to use the power of our feelings, to create a heaven on earth;

Where, even on searching, one cannot find love and delight's dearth!

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