Power Of A Pen
Power Of A Pen poetryslam2016 stories

anushkapragya17 Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Entry for Poetry Slam 2016! Please do vote!! :)

Power Of A Pen

by anushkapragya17

"The pen is mightier than the sword," Is not a mere saying, from the almighty lord.

The meaning so deep, can only reach out, To people who actually ponder before aloud they shout.

They ponder over the change a simple pen can bring, Proving it's not just an item, worth a few shillings.

Very less in number, are those who understand, That the power of education is glorious and grand.

Very few are those who're able to get a chance, Of attempting to bring the world out of the trance.

The trance of not succeeding in what they wanted to, Pitiable incompleteness is the only visible hue.

But those who step up to help with selflessness, Are the ones, whom every soul on this earth, wants to bless.

Such people are tough to find, in this cruel, selfish world, When only personal profit is what keeps everyone hurled.

Graced are we, if we somehow come across, A person who thinks beyond this game of gain and loss.

May those pure souls be gifted with tranquil and peace, So that the noble task they've taken up, can go on with ease.

Cause each person who's ever tried to prove a pen's power, Deserves to be a winner in his life's every hour!

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