Pain's Plan
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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Pain's Plan

by anushkapragya17

Pain can neither be created, nor destroyed, It can only build a barrier, or at times, fill the void.

Pain can sometimes, make you feel all alone, Or bring you close to people, who become your safest zone.

You cannot end the pain, even if you want to, But only can it be sent along, or unknowingly passed onto.

Though they say, pain is temporary, it actually is not, It stays around, from the time, on earth you are brought.

You might take it inside or let it linger free, You can either become disheartened, or still carelessly glee.

The choice is yours, for it's not gonna listen to you, But you can stay unaffected, if you really want to.

Take my advice, stay as calm as you can, 'Cause pain is afraid of your peace, which can ruin all its plan.

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