Her Silent Friends
Her Silent Friends stories

anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Her Silent Friends

by anushkapragya17

She always tried to love her life, With no option other than to survive

She tried to never lose her hope, Even in times, there was no scope.

She tried her best to hide her tears, Not wanting the world to know about her fears.

She never begged anyone to listen to her, 'Cause she felt, that for others, she didn't matter.

Slowly, she started sinking into herself, However much in need, she didn't ask for help.

She was getting consumed by her own pain, All her attempts to speak out were going to vain.

But one fine day, she picked up a paper and a pen, Which was a turning point, she hadn't realised then.

The pen started saying what her lips couldn't speak, Providing the paper her soul's sneak-peek.

She didn't know but they used to talk about her, The pen saying thousands of words to the paper.

The solace she wanted to seek in the world outside, Was never found in humans, even if she tried.

But the pen and paper became her silent friends, Her broken soul, forever more, they quietly strived to mend!

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