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anushkapragya17 Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Help Them Live

You say you want them not to die, But, tell me, is it a truth or lie?

You wish they do not kill themselves, But, why don't you ever try to help?

They're strangled in leashes by their minds, Their worst memories are on rewind;

They're trying to tell you, but all in vain, 'Cause you never attempt to picture the pain.

Oh, people, please lend them a helping hand, Or they'll be ripped apart, strand by strand.

It's not all just in the head, it is real; They can't explain every pain they feel.

Help them untie the ropes that bind them to hell; Set them free of the agony which continues to swell

Take their hands –which clutch their hair– into yours. Steady them, with love and care– no, not by force.

Let them cry as hard as they want, but please, listen, for once, To the sobs muffling up the words they need to pronounce.

Let them speak their hearts out without constraints. They're shrinking under the torment, it's hard, now, to sustain.

Their lives're turning dark, their sun will set very soon; For them, beauty's already ceased from stars and the moon.

How'd the souls rest in peace, if they're not at peace on earth, Where empathy and compassion are facing such a dearth.

Look beyond the smiling lips, to the ones dying to speak; Look into the deceptive eyes, they'll allow you a sneak peek.

Help them escape, defeat, kill what's holding them captive. If you want to save them, step up, and help them live.

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