Fire of Hatred
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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Fire of Hatred

by anushkapragya17

The Sun was watching abashed, the heat erupting from the Earth; Its colour had faded profusely, seeing the brighter fire taking birth.

Innocents had been ruined, yet the war-advocates had flown away; Leaving behind the dead, the dying, and huts all blown away.

Of course, not protected bungalows, but huts of hay catch fire first; Every soul fragmented, the bubble of a bright future was burst.

"Oh," you'd exclaim, "how did it all happen so quick?!" Well, hadn't you already pictured it, noticing the brimming hatred so thick?!

The fire is being prepared, adding bits and bits of fuel; To prefer war against humanity, there has been made an unsaid rule.

No faction shall be left, once it's all engulfed in the wrath; 'Cause love and hatred have no religion or language, but a unique path.

The warzone holds captive, those innocent souls out there; Losing their everything to this hostility, does it seem fair?!

The war will bring the same destruction, whichever side may it be; To give them back, their steady lives, their will be a similar plea.

When the pitiable eyes will bore into yours, searching for an answer; With no solid reason of all the happenings, your evil eyes will surely falter.

You call this disrespect of the ones dying on the borders; But they themselves are not just martyrs, but victims of such haters.

Patriotism doesn't always demand giving up one's life; A change bigger than a war, can be brought, if determinedly we strive.

Ultimate destruction is not what gives rise to a new beginning; But, putting an end to this fire of hatred, will definitely change a thing.

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