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anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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Another Lesson

by anushkapragya17

They keep calling me as their friend; But even the meaning of friendship, they offend.

Turning to me, only when there's no one else; Then throwing me back to the sea, like some feeling-less shells.

They expect me to be there, whenever they are in need; But they forget, that inside me, a want for friendship breeds.

I know it's my fault too, that never do I speak out; Unknowingly, a hope for them to understand me, does sprout.

For once, I expect them to realise, I do get hurt; Even if, on their faces, my feelings I don't blurt.

I do not have a tag on my face, which says, 'Use Me'; Instead, from the ties of their so-called friendship, I wanna break free.

Day by day, the world unravels another con of trust; A feeling of hatred for such people, they themselves inside me thrust.

I sometimes forget that expectations have never been good for me; But, okay, another lesson I've learnt, of how cruel the world can be.

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