A Mystery
A Mystery  stories

anushkapragya17Indian; sixteen; poetry is my solace!
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A Mystery

by anushkapragya17

The world is full of dirty, evil minds; To follow that cruelty, it always tries to bind.

Their very simple theory, is to throw you aside; If by their list of rules, you deny to abide.

There can never exist, the 'so-called faith and trust'; Nor can you expect anyone to be just.

I fail to understand, what makes them do all this; Whom should I ask, or rather beg for some justice?!

The innocent ones find it tough to survive; Not even getting a proper chance to revive.

To revive the first time they get the biggest shock; 'Cause the path leading to peace, the evil try to block.

People around us, do change everyday; One can never guess, what tricks they can play.

Knowingly or not, your close ones someday hurt you; But no words can heal, once their deeds have burnt you.

Life will one fine day, become an eventful history; Bt where do human values go, will always be a mystery!

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