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For them 'SHE' is just a pronoun but for me 'SHE' is one of the most beautiful and powerful creation of God Himself.


The doors opened and she could she some stern faces sitting on the raised platform . She was eager to get answers to her questions . This was not new to her.

She was used to such court room dramas and question-answer sessions but this time she will be the one asking questions.

She: What is the ideal dress code for me?

As she was asking , nostalgia hit it. It was only a few days ago when she was being blamed for wearing shorts and crop tops in order to attract men.

She: why is it that 'he' is not imprisoned behind the bars of time ?

She waited for Them to answer but silence was the only reply.

She remembered how once she was standing in front of the flashing lights and a crowd of people surrounding her and asking "how do you feel after being raped?" , "why were you out after 10?

" , "were you too frank with the boys?" , "do you think that you would be able to move on?" ...... and this commotion continued for days.

She: Why is it that the media was showing the faces of the culprit covered with a cloth and not even bothered to hide my name?

She:Is a vagina worth of thousands of bruises which will continue to pain lifelong?

"WILL THIS EVER END?", she shouted .

The judgement was passed and she was asked to be taken to a place where all her sufferings would end.

With this she was sent to heaven while God stood helpless , unable to answer her questions , the questions which hundreds of 'she' had asked ,

the questions which the next 60 years old 'she' would be asking and the questions which a 5 months old 'she' , waiting in the line ,cannot ask .

Its high time now. O Womaniya ! you are not born to please those thirsty bastards . You have been given this life to live for yourself . Stand up and let them know that you are NOT WEAK.

- By neither a feminist nor a victim

just a HUMAN .

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