Desafortunadamente I told Poetry to get lost. He told me to shut up.

I told Poetry to get lost.
He told me to shut up.

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Desafortunadamente means unfortunately in Spanish. I thought it was a fitting word to incorporate within my poem.

This poem is an original piece that I wrote for my AP English Literature class and I thought I’d share it with others. It’s about the process of inspiration that all poets go through, sometimes, even resulting in the betrayal of their own writing.

Desafortunadamente I told Poetry to get lost. He told me to shut up.

I torchered Him for Amusement: I pulled at His stanzas with tweezers, Driving a bulldozer over His surface, Desafortunadamente, He still persisted.

I dunked His pages beneath the water Until the diction became jumbled up. I tied a boulder to His edges, Dragging him deep down, Desafortunadamente, He still resurfaced.

I crumpled up the pages Then threw them in the trash Desafortunadamente, He still restored Himself.

I tore His sheets to shreds Watching the wind carry them towards the open sea, Desafortunadamente, He still stuck Himself back together and Laid before me on my mahogany desk.

I burned His flesh in a campfire Watching as the breeze whisked the smoldered pieces in all directions. Desafortunadamente, He still appeared on my doorstep.

It were as though He were constantly mocking me, Always coming back to taunt me.

As a last resort, I let the dogs lose on Him Only to see Him sitting atop the shepherd As they dart towards me.

“Begone you rascal!” I tried once more to be rid of Him Desafortunadamente, With no luck. “Read me you fool!” He demanded.

I looked at Him with Hatred in my eyes. He looked at me with Pity.

I knew not what to do any longer, So I unearthed His beaten and bruised pages From the bottom of my drawer Where I had unceremoniously shoved Him into Then, I read.

I just read and read, Then read some more Until I reached the very last stanza, Only to sit back and sigh in content.

I grabbed Him and crushed Him to my chest. The only difference being that this time I wasn't trying to suffocate Him.

We walked out into the narrow streets overlooking the Eiffel Tower, Gazed at the bright colored homes and buildings passing us by, Gasped in awe at the beauty of it all, While taking in the smell of the scrumptious pastries and coffee Seemingly available in all the miniature cafes lining the streets.

We drifted towards the delicious pastries and beverages Taking some time to enjoy it all, Eating more than enough to fill our bellies, As I took seconds and He thirds.

With our bellies full and sleep overtaking us, We strolled to the top of a hill Overlooking the gleaming lights hung over us, Sitting next to one another and gazing onwards, Drifting off into our own thoughts.

Suddenly, Looking around, I did not catch sight of Poetry Who had just been seated beside me.

That’s when I felt the air rushing past me. As I looked up in panic I saw Him watching me, Looking almost, Pleased.

I awoke with a startle, Thinking, “What a strange dream it has been.” As I looked at the blank sheet set before me, Suddenly feeling distress at the sight of the quill and ink awaiting my instruction.

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