My Own Person
My Own Person poetry stories

antwan I make Poetry about my love of death.
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A poem I made when I finally realized I'm on my own in this world, and I'm finally free.

My Own Person

A life unrecognizable in the mirror To the eye of the beholder, Sacrifices and suffering Molding a personality, Shifting traits, And carving scars into me Until I became Anew.

From an impenetrable boulder, To a grain of sand blown Left and right by the winds of life, Thrusting myself into its grasp, from childhood to adulthood like a bullet Escaping the chamber.

I'm not who I was before, I don't know who I am now, And I don't know what I'll be, But I don't regret a single step or fall I've made, My life is mine now, No one elses, I am finally at the mercy of my own decisions, Free Will is now in my grasp.

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