Of siblings and duties of elders
Of siblings and duties of elders big brother stories

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My thoughts of siblings,and my experience on being a big brother.

Of siblings and duties of elders

I am a son of a strong single mother,a godfather of a lovely little boy,soon to become the best man of a cunning,yet honorable groom to be.

Among these roles,i am also a big brother,of a beautiful,smart and headstrong 18yo girl.The latter is,for now,my most important part. to play.

For my godchild is still far too young to imprint any knowledge,my friend who's wedding i shall partake in has equal if not greater knowledge of this unforgiving world,

and my dear mother is the valkyre who taught me to be the person i am today-and who is a mere student to challenge the master?

The first meeting of me and my sister is a secret of sorts,and i intend to keep it that way,due to being from a very private family.

Suffice to say i was unaware not just of her existance,but of her mother and my own father,let alone the fact that we live in the same town.I came home crying from joy-knowing i am not alone.

we spent many days watching cartoons and eating popcorn,and my tales of werewolves and mosters were the only things able to get her out of the sea when it was time to leave for dinner.

I told her many stories,wich is why her symbol on my clan tatoo has a dragon above it-my nickname for her back then was "zmajo"-little dragon.

Moving on to my early teens,i have developed a form of hatred,towards both her and ther rest of my fathers family,seeing them as a typical nuclear family,whilst me,

as a child out of wedlock,raised by a single mother,was a kind of a black sheep.i maintained no contact with her or the rest of them for a few years.Until my father had an epilepsy attack.

Being raised with a sense of honor,regardless of my thoughts of him at the time,i went to the hospital to see the man that made me.

In our brief conversation,he mentioned he had the said attack in front of both his wife and my sister.

Upon exiting the hospital,i felt immense fury at myself-how could i have forsaken a child that did absolutely nothing wrong to me,

whos only fault was being made and brought up by the same man who hooked up with my mother all the way back at the dusk of war in the 90s?

After meeting up with my little sister and her mother,and making sure they are safe,sound and without any needs,i set up to fulfill my role of big brother.And fulfilled it i did.

From presents,to support,talks,presents and celebrating each and every of her successes,to hooking her up with summer jobs and hazing a wanna be bully or two,

being a big brother is a role i am truly happy to play.Now,that she is 18,in my eyes,my efforts are showing results.

Being honest with my laziness,weed smoking and overall uninterest which brought me to being just working class,seem to deterred her from straying away into mediocrity.

Making sure she works away her summers with fair and honest people,not some underpaying mobbing place,gave her strong work habits,

and a sense of monetary wisdom in terms of saving money and similar traits.

Taking care who she is hanging out,and weeding out pervs and idiots that contact her,which is not easy in days of hundreds of social and chat apps,gives her a sense of safety,

although she still doesnt allow me to lynch all those thirsty idiots that pop out now and then,much to my annoyance.

Due to her accomplishments,her behaviour and her work savvy,for her 18th i made her a Lady by paying a tiny plot of land somewhere in Scotland.

She is all over the place when it comes to charity and extracurricular activities,from theatre,to volounteer work.

Her boyfriend,albeit not too manly,seems to be kind and loyal,and she is happy with him,which of course makes me happy as well.

Right now she is studying for her graduation tests that are crucial to getting into colledge.

i pulled a favour with my former Croatian teacher from highschool whose students have best results every year (including me belive it or not),

and she will get all of hers preparation material.From a little curvy haired spoiled ball,to a a rebelious teenager,my sister is forming into a smart,strong and fair woman.

What little i helped with that,i am proud.One day she will be a woman,a mother and a leader-but still my baby sister.

As i wrote in a card for her 18th:"If things are looking grim,and situation seems black,carry on with a smile,because big brother has your back".Cherish and protect your siblings.

Parents will one day be gone,and you will only have each other,as friends and allies.

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