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This is a lullaby made from fragments of tales i made up,well over a decade ago.I think its time to let it amuse some other kid sitting at a fireplace.

Elvish Fire

Through Elvish fire tales are told,

of mighty mages and heroes bold.

As fire dances in the air,

a tale is told about a king and his heir.

About a dragon and his treasure,

and of a potions long lost measure.

A potion made by a wizard wise,

made of serpents fangs and fishes eyes.

The fire is sizzling and is hot,as it tells of a witches pot,

a pot made of crumbling bones,filled with lost souls and dying moans.

The fires warmth tells yet another story,of a giant and his feared roaring,

and of a hero Gallin by name,who got his eternal fame,

by swimming through a castles moat,and stabbing the giant through his throat.

The fire's shape is able to morph,creating an image of an angry dwarf,

a dwarf mad at his entire race,a dwarf mad at all,but his mace.

The smoke above hides yet another tale,

of an elvish princess and a dragon male,

and how she got his trust through a barrel of ale,

soothing his fangs and his fire,soothing his temper,so grim and dire.

Remeber,to see the fire Elves make at a mere whim,

you must only close your eyes...and dream...

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