words that get under your skin part 1
words that get under your skin
part 1 lgbtq stories

antisocial A hopeless romanitc
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(cursing warning!)this story is about a boy named alexander who finds out his new high school isnt what he thought it would have been

words that get under your skin part 1

(before we begin I just want to say that this is one of my first stories I've ever written, I will not say what my first was but, it was cringy holy hell it was terrible,

and I'm glad to say that this is better in every way possible lol)

as I ran in the rain I could hear the steps of the people following me, slowly getting closer "what did I ever do wrong?" I questioned over and over again as I sprinted past my neighbor's houses getting closer and closer to home, but if I didn't make it on time I would have some .... unwanted guests over

and it doesn't help that mom and dad are out of town for the next two weeks, I was only two minutes away I just have to keep on running till I get there, I'm at the door and I'm looking for my keys "where are they?" I quickly looked back and I saw the boys from my school.

I also saw that one of them was standing on my keys, luckily they still haven't noticed them, I have nowhere to run, but if I'm lucky my next-door neighbor is home and I could just crash for the night, but as I thought that one of the boys got closer and pushed me against the wet door

"what the hell is your goddamn problem?" I yelled at him, it was good that I had my hoodie on, or I would've gotten wet and I don't want to get sick but that didn't cross these dicks heads minds not even once.

the words that came out hurt like a stab wound to my heart. I shouldn't have come out to my new friends... it's one of my current biggest regrets, high school is going to be hell from what I can tell so far

this is the end of part 1! part 2 will come out soon! I generally hope you liked this, I'm sorry if it's short I just want to get feedback to see if I should continue this series, ill start a new one since I already have many ideas if you guys want lol anyway have a good one :)

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