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antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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Undercover Heart

All you wanted was a taste wasn’t it Given the choice you’d rather expose it How did I ever call you my lover My heart you never meant to smother

So I set out into the flaming sun Traveling many miles discovering none Looking for the one who will shelter my heart And not be able to tell us apart

My quest spans decades and then centuries Body and soul sustaining countless injuries Unfortunately word of my journey has spread So I must flee for only in the darkness can I tread

For how else will you Miss Future answer The questions of my heart honestly They scream out Begging

Will you embrace me Envelop and surround me Or will you mask me Hide and disguise me

Will you protect me Shield and secure me Or will you con me Adjust and transform me

Will you balance me Harmonize and steady me Or will you front me Blind and deceive me

All I Really Want To Know All I'm Really Asking Is

How Will You Cover Me

You might think who am I to tell this story Well I met that man in all of his glory I was searching myself in a similar way Some say he wanders till this day

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