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antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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Heartbroken every Christmas, this year I ask for Love.

Happy Holidays!!

This Christmas

I wander this Castle Exhausted, defeated

Shadows blaring Footsteps blurring

Walls whisper "Treasure trover" as i pass

Walkways weep "Hopeless hunter" as i circle

Then finally, I hear her calls Her chimes

For she nears, and as foreshadowing she sends her minions to blanket the earth

The peacefulness of destruction settles, Their attraction luring me once more

But every wave suffocates and buries me deep, Every flake a reminder of my blowing insignificance

So as I reach for the glass, Heart drawn out yet fading Smiley face painted yet waning

I call to her, requesting, Won't you send instead That holy downpour I thirst for

Flood this Castle and Sweep me away to a Valley beyond the horizons

Where hearts are slowly savored and Smiles never wane

It is there I wish to stay It is there I shall find my Peace

But Wait I am still unwilling to bid you farewell

For even beyond the Sun, where the Stars burn brightest

and the Mountains are tall and luscious, and the Valley is rich and warm

The River may eventually turn to ice, and that dreaded Snow might fall again

So I Implore You

Just This Year

Oh, Christmas Please

Don't Leave Me

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