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antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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Weather the storm-Or storm the weather. For @in Mirror Musings Contest

Laugh With ME

When around others They laugh with your boy Me the entertainer The maker of joy

nobody is laughing now though right/when youre not around others who are you entertaining/where is the joy you talk about the one you fabricated/ when its just you and me inside here what is it you hear/making others feel better wont chase me away

They tell me my smile It shines for days And spans for miles Setting hearts ablaze

what lies lie behind that cracked smile/why must you bare your teeth to the world that has broken them in/that smile will never be as genuine as the tears you entrust me with/i carry them forever enough to douse any flame and darken any glow

Love me and hate me But that smile is real Those ha-has are too So to your pleas I will not kneel

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