False Hope
False Hope fiction stories

antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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Perspective is everything

False Hope

I stand by the window and Watch as they shoot down from the sky

I consider them for a while and Come to a horrific conclusion

This mission of theirs Is no ordinary one It is suicidal

I imagine the excitement they are feeling As they are dropped down Being promised so much

Naive as they are They don't see the trap That is laid out for them

He seduces them to join him Whipping up tales Of a brighter tomorrow

All along Unbeknownst to them He is the devil in disguise

He dances one final time With each of them Then ends it all so suddenly

With a thud They crash to the ground Never to be heard from again

Time and time again I watch as they are lured in The game he plays is too easy

They fall for the false hope he deceives them with Without opposition Without exception

As I watch him execute his perfected plan I wonder Am I a terrible person

For finding something So peaceful so beautiful About this scene

So fascinating to watch and So calming to listen to that I remain there for a while

Deriving pleasure from the awesome sight and From the unique patter their successive deaths create

We have always called it Rain but I'm not sure what to call it anymore

Thank you for reading! I am new here but will be posting pretty frequently. Enjoy! 999

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