fading IN love

fading IN love love stories

antisclxtrovert blinded by light, discovered by darkness
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In your love I vanish. Collab with a brilliant artist named @sugarrosy 😊🙏

fading IN love

Thorny stem of a scarlet rose Pick me in desolate gardens

I beg for porcelain clouds Filled with precious sapphire tears

To come pouring down from heaven above To nourish me, give me life Stitch me back together;

My torn ruby lips Caught on a sharp witted tongue

Mold me like clay into a love so divine

That never again Will I have to be me

Shovel the blind abyss The muffled stars Behind my sapped eyes (bleeding) (scattered in the wind)

By the seashore I am sold Gulping, pleading Collect me, cherish me (sunken shell) (blissfully buried)

They approach (glinting eyes) in droves They advance (eary smiles) in waves Only to recede, I’m left forever hollow

Gather me Beyond torment beyond defeat

Usher in the dawn From ancient times When your soul begot mine

Drag me My mystery guardian To your mysterious garden Where deep violet heavens Reflect bright yellow lands

Your love a concoction I wish to abuse EndLessLy

Now I’m with you And never again Do I have to be me

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