A Second Chance
A Second Chance pain stories

anthos Love and Faith
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To relinquish all you love, all you have - to slumber.

A Second Chance

Exhaustion. Aching. Sandman, take me. Control and emotion relinquished. Fatigue is leaving me; tired muscles weaken their vice. Slumber consume me. Sleep. Peace. Serenity.

Hairs rise on my neck. Fear penetrates calmness. Alone. Stalked. Punished. What have I done? Panic, flee, hide. No escape.

Guilt follows me. My heart hurts, my soul cries. Nobody hears me, helps me. I've forsaken all I love. Can't stop running, can't face what I've done. No return. I miss them, love them. But I made them go away.

Only pain remains. I feel the hurt I caused them. The haunting. The sorrow. Why did I hurt them? They were my world, my family. All I loved I've destroyed. My soul cries, my pulse slows. Take me, for I have nothing.

Release. My cheek warms from a kiss, a final kiss; all is lost, I submit. Eyes open. Fear, panic, loss. Love, warmth. My heart heals. My soul sings. I had lost my entire world. Thank you for a second chance.

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