Sleepless nights
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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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my first poem, written during a long boring sleepless night

Sleepless nights

I feel it in the night, when I am most vulnerable to my greatest foe.

I feel it as a fright, when the host of my problems comes as a terrible woe.

The intense battle inside my head, suspense to overflow.

The yin of my yang, my enemy within,

The scar it leaves deep but thin.

The stress so great I can not bear,

Loneliness that berates, to depress, to scare.

The sorrow I feel, all I remember,

The mistakes i've made, as bright as an ember

The worst, the best, without rest,

I remember it all, no matter the pest.

I feel not the relief for it would employ

My victory, however brief, should I finally enjoy?

I lay there, exhausted with all my fight,

Forgetting not of my everlasting, plight.

Memory hazy, in my last moment I think

Of how I always land on the brink.

Dying now to live again,

Forced to fight what must never end.

I struggle within, I struggle without light,

What should take place during the night.

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