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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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You can't truly see yourself, only a reflection.

See yourself

How do you see yourself?

Do you imagine a fun adventurous man?

An intellect with well thought out plan?

Next to someone you love?

Or a mascot a hero, way above.

Self confidence is a funny thing

Some of us hide, while others can sing.

Your ability to speak,

Your will to stand out.

Or fear you'll squeak,

Always full of doubt.

As a kid with high hopes,

I want it all.

As a teen with the mopes,

I fear I'll fall.

We can all be great,

No need to be famous.

And it's never too late,

To achieve greatness.

All you need is a will,

You won't get anywhere by sitting still.

the days pass by,

and nothing is done.

I live by the lie-

that my life will be fun.

it's hard to perceive-

the struggles ahead.

How much you can achieve,

In the time before we're dead.

How do you react to what others view?

do you let it bother you?

what thoughts are prominent?

what you have been told?

what you see in the moment?

The ideas you've been sold?

Are your thoughts your own?

or is your brain a clone?

I look at my reflection,

And I see so much.

Yet insecurity is my infection,

And I fear my very own touch.

I deny what I can be,

Because I can't look past my mistakes.

I'm the only one who can see,

That in all I do, I'm a fake.

Note: It took me a month to complete this peace since I ran out of ideas and inspiration. It didn't quite finish how I planned, yet I didn't really have a plan at the same time.

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