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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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What i've told, I can not tell.


What i've told,

I can not tell.

I need with hold,

And yet I yell.

I'm not unique

I'm not a freak

Yet i've avoided the truth,

Ever since my youth.

In the past i've denied,

What I can't seem to find.

But inside I know

What really glows

Like a covered candle

I refuse to show.

The darkness within

Turned to light.

Yet what will I win

From this fight?

I am but bird

flying against the wind.

It is my word

That has me pinned

In a herd of my own emotions.

I can't tell you what but I can say how,

This sick feeling has got me now

Feeling ill yet feeling great

I don't know how others will relate.

I can not say it is good

I know I can't but yet I should.

I want to preach of my feeling

Yet all I've done is further concealing.

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