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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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Music is every where, if you would only stop to listen...


My thoughts come in measures, They flow consistently, A never ending melody to the song of my life.

I see things in patterns, they're always there. Through out the simple humdrum of life, in the repetition of every task; we create the music of activity.

They say math is in everything, yet I was born listening to the melodic sound of my mother's voice. Ever since I was made, my very pulse, my heart, was the beat to my soul. Staying true until the very last note.

We hear music every day, inspiring creativity and thought, the motivation to press onwards.

I see music on it's sheet, the notes ready to be played, a new adventure in every song.

But those who really listen; who see each unique personality as a solo of emotions, interacting with the ensemble of society.

Those who learn to stop, and feel the music all around; are the ones who compose a masterpiece out of their lives.

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