Poem of thanks
Poem of thanks grateful stories

ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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Poem of thanks for my first 100!

Poem of thanks

Boblong, The first to hear my song. The first to say well done. It is for you, I have sung. You showed me the opportunity To take part in this wonderful Community

stadarooni, Your ability to teach, Wisdom beyond my reach. Your great advice, Analyzing so Precise, Your sure comments make me think

Skye, Glorious haikus You showed me what they can be, God, I'm glad you did

Sincerelybee To this I write, my best friend bee, The first to listen, the first to see. They inspired me to write, With they're friendly insight. Without them, I wouldn't be me.

I thank you all, my first one hundred. How I never thought I would get so many, I'm really grateful for all of your support, And excited for more to come! (Sorry if this got a little sappy)

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