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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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Sadness is the ink to my words, So atleast it helps when I write.


Sadness is the ink to my words, So atleast it helps when I write. Even though it doesn't excite, My thoughts and words, just feel right So I just Sit tight, And think to myself every night; Saying over and over, it will be alright

The sadness ever dwelling, Sometimes there is no telling. When the waves will crash, I try my best not to slash, But the lower I sink, The more I fear. When I'm on the brink, When I can feel the first tear; Is when I need a friend, Before I meet my end.

In my times of need, When I really need support. When my emotions feed, And my feelings all contort.

The emptiness, it gets to me. The loneliness, won't leave me be. The sadness, The pain; How they always seem to drain My happiness away, I just need you to stay.

If I am feeling down, I must bring others with me. I want to see them drown, In my in my troubles so they see; What it's like to be me.

I'm feeling better, but who can tell; when I will really need her, when I need to yell. What if no one is there? What if no one can save me? All they do is stare. Yet they still can't see, what is wrong with me.

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