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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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A poem about getting over a bad relationship


One soul in great despair, Broken beyond any repair.

What was once one, And is now undone.

A single heart, That is failing to start,

Because of where You placed this tear.

All alone, I can not manage. The wound you left me, I can not bandage.

You took my heart and tore it in two, What will I ever do without you?

You are not needed! You did me great harm!

Oh how you've got me heated! I hate now your charm!

You led me on I thought your feelings were true.

But I was only your pawn, Lord knows I rue.

I guess I should thank you, You pushed me along.

For now I can undo, And sing a whole new song.

I will not be alone For you have shown,

What not to do Through all the lies you spew.

And now I love once more, My heart is sealed.

I can't wait to explore, The true love you concealed.

I guess what I'm saying Is I need you not

So to the game you've been playing, I say begone thot!

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