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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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This isn't a literary piece, it's much more of a rant, my apologies. I've been tasked with writing a 15 line poem for english class

Follow the rules

This isn't a literary piece much more of a rant, my apologies.

I've been tasked with writing a 15 line poem for english class about a place where you feel calm and at peace in one weekend!

This has turned out to be one of the hardest things I've ever done.

I'm not good at following rules...

at all in class whenever we're given text book ways to do things i usually have to find my own way of doing it so i resort to half teaching myself and half learning the proper way,

this goes for english, Spanish, band , math, computers almost everything.

I already tried to bend the rules the second i heard about it, and i got permission to write a poem about not finding peace in a calm relaxing place. But even this is difficult.

We have to have no more than 25 lines ( i bargained for an extra 5 it was 20) and i was the only one trying to have more.

We have to rhyme all though i always try to anyways but we have to have a certain metric out of like 4 basic 9th grade introduction to metrics and i personally must be an ammatuer poet

because this is insanely difficult for me as well.

Whenever i write i get to pick the topic, and the metric i follow is whatever beat my heart pumps to, its all up to me so now when all the rules are set and i can't do any more work arounds.

I can't do it. I can't create an authentic creative poem because ... because...

i don't know just can't it's not how i do it, poetry for me was a way to express myself however i chose and with this i simply can not.

Not to mention i usually write pessimistic or darker pieces as it is, unless its something im truly passionate about.

If anyone has any tips or ideas they would be very helpful thanks for listening!

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