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ant 15| A flower, wilting, before I bloom
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No more effort


I'm not making a poem this time, sorry.

It's easier to speak in rhyme for me because it's as if the words just come out and dance and sometimes can have multiple meaning and usually it doesn't require much thought for me just the

will and the creativity but I guess I don't have either anymore. I thought it was writers block but I realized I don't want to write poems really.

I don't want to try I can't write stories but I always made it about me so what does it matter.

I wish that I wanted to write poems if that makes sense but what can you do, i just lack motivation? I don't know i'm just


I don't really need to go into depths for the reason but my emotions get overdramatic it seems and my feelings change in what seems like seconds making it impossible to write poetry.

So I'm writing this to explain the reason why I can currently not produce what i used to love doing so much. Maybe I'll rant? Write short stories? Make nonsense that seems cool who knows.

Sorry this is kind of long I'm just confused and have been for a while, maybe not.

Not to mention I continue to lie everyday and posted poetry, but it isn't fun I have no other way to reach out

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