Hey can have your number...
Hey can have your number... fear stories

ansoo Just a 22 year old hopeless romantic boy
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Been away for sometime cause of school. This is just something i guess i’m going through and a special someone near me made me realize the importance of safeguarding your own feelings before just letting anyone have the chance to step all over them.

Hey can have your number...

A simple question when read and thought about.

Yet when faced with the “opportunity.” You make up any excuse not to ask the simple question.

You’re afraid, afraid at the slightest chance of him or her to say some form of rejection.

You cling onto the slightest chance like a kid holding their favorite stuffed animal.

You fail to recognize that this person isn’t everything. A question so simple should not make or break you. Or cause so much stress upon you when you think about it.

Sure you guys have been talking for a few days, weeks, or months on various social media platforms but you didn’t realize how much time you had invested in this person before realizing that the question you are trying to ask, is now a make it or break it question.... not for the future as a couple but for you mentally.

Now when answered, this question has the power of crippling you and making you feel hopeless.

That is the worst thing you can do. You have now given the power of someone else being the final verdict on your feelings.

Rejection sucks, I know. So does investing your own time and feelings into someone so early on just to be wasted away.

You need to set yourself up with mental reminders when you’re falling for somebody. There’s no certainty in anything. If there was then everyone would be content. Risks come with defeats and victories. Once you learn how to turn your defeats into something positive.... nothing can bring you down.

Love you all, and thanks for reading

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