Friends for ever CHAPTER 2

Friends for ever  

CHAPTER 2  stories
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Friends for ever CHAPTER 2

Now days passed and all 4 friends lived happily one day a hunter saw the elephant he thought of catching the elephant for his great tusk he started planning to catch the elephant..... He dug a pit dip enough to catch the elephant and covered the pit with dry grasses and leaves.....

The ant saw the hunter one day preparing the pit, ant informed the Bird about hunter preparing a pit then the Bird one day saw hunter talking to other person about catching elephant in that pit .....the Bird got scared and fly away to inform the elephant about the danger......

....suddenly she saw the snake and informed about danger on the elephant....the snake smiled and said that I'll handle.....the snake went to the hunters place and started scaring him....hunter got scared and his team ran away from the jungle....One more time friend's won the life.... Moral friend in need is friend indeed ....

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