Slowly I Sink
Slowly I Sink sinking stories

another Just Another Sad Poet
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Slowly I sink

Slowly I Sink

No matter how fast I row

I have this gnawing feeling

It slowly chips away my insides

This vessel is slowly sinking

Slowly I Sink

Filling up like a pressure cooker

Until my head is ready to crack

Like a hard-boiled egg

Peel away my shattered skull

Slowly I Sink

Fighting the Marauders

They fire away at the crust of my soul

They just wont stop

Until the boat lies dormant

The bottom of the sea

Appealingly peaceful

Slowly I sink

Yearing for new deckhands

They all get turned down

The captain is a grim man

Slowly I sink

like the emotionless wreck I am

Slowly I sink

Into the Quicksand that are my own Thoughts

Slowly I sink

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