"the sparrows" Fall of dusk Rise of dawn
"the sparrows"

Fall of dusk

Rise of dawn poetry stories

anormalguy888 Community member
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Hello friends after a long time i posted a small poetry about my small memory of childhood i hope you going to like this i titled this poetry "The sparrows"

"the sparrows" Fall of dusk Rise of dawn

Cruel winter pass away Spring came back with life

Beautiful chipping of sparrows Awaked my sleeping childhood

My nani (grandmother) used to feed him flour every morning I sat beside her watching

Sparrow's came and eat little part of it and take huge chunk with him to there nests I see not much of a difference

As time being pass One day she get into her Beauty sleep for eternity For a while i don't heed the sparrows

Are they get evanescence ? I question myself where they gone? What cause of it?

Days passed like that and then one spring i Heard the chipping again Saded my heart heard that My fading childhood i again remember that

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