Whisper of the Tall Tree
Whisper of the Tall Tree mystery stories

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World of Magical Tree and a Tree filled with evil souls.

Whisper of the Tall Tree

Deep in the forest were no human dares to go...

There was a group of friends roaming the forest to find the haunted mansion and no one knew it was scary there.

Jacob, brave man who did not agree to go to the forest.

Nino, he was the most feared of them and religious man that was forced to come with them.

Marco, the one who plan to go to the forest without knowing there was a wonder story behind the forest.

They were with Sukie, an adventurous woman in the group who has experienced to hike in a mountains alone.

And lastly, Slone. Their mysterious friend who lives just near the forest.

They began to enter the forest.

There they slept.

Nino: It's scary here. Slone, don't you see any other kinds form here?

It was not too late in the evening and they saw someone alone and they went to him and asked where the road to the hidden mansion was.

Guy: You shouldn't come here. The man shouted that they should not go there anymore. Marco: Let's just go, maybe he's crazy.

They continued walking and found a large, tall tree in the middle of the forest.

Jacob: Woah, this is so large and tall. Slone: Do not come near. Jacob: Why? Slone: Just don't. Wait, I left my necklace. I'll just take it. Jacob: I'll come with you.

They left and A man appeared and look to their friends eyes one by one and suddenly said, “O little one, My little one, Come with me, Your life is done. Forget the future, Forget the past. Life is over: Breathe your last."

And they we're all nervous.

And they were surprised that they were already in the mansion.

They were hypnotized by the man and they went there except for slone and Jacob. Slone left with Jacob because she left his necklace on the place where they slept.

They were given papers and pens and had them write down what they wanted to happen or to change the moment they regretted the most. "In this place, your imaginations can be real even just for once."

They do not know that the reward they ask for is their lives.

While they were near the tree where their friends were left, someone whispered to Slone, “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Slone was terrified and suddenly fainted.

Slone and Jacob fell asleep tired while his friends were having fun.

Nino was in the concert having fun because that was he asked for.

Marco was aiming to go to a bar and have fun at the party and be drunk for 3 days.

Sukie just wanted to have peace and to hike in the tallest mountain that she has dreaming off.

Slone and Jacob woke up not expecting they're end up in a place with some people they don't know.

A woman approached them, "Glad you woke up, I'm Melanie." "I'm Slone, He's Jacob. Where are we?"

Melanie: You are in my place where the palace is located whom people is trying hard to find it but they end up going somewhere else, somewhere... in hell? Most of them are your friends?

Jacob: How'd you know? Melanie: I'm the daughter of the king of trees. There is a tree that belongs to the brother of my father whose only living are evil spirits and souls who are still taking other people's lives so that they multiply and be able to fight and steal my world.

Melanie: Only you two can help us. Slone: But how? Melanie: I have known you for a long time Slone you can use your powers, I know my sister. and you are brave Jacob. Jacob: Slone?

Slone: It's time. Jacob: What's happening? Slone: Don't be afraid, I'm not a soul. I'm still half human. A demigod, kinda." Slone inherited power from his father which is also Melanie's father.

They have come out of the world of magical trees and go to the world of evil souls to save their friends and the world of magical trees.

They saw the man. Jacob: Where are my friends? Man: “Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions. haha."

Slone disappeared next to Jacob because she started to find her friends. Jacob was tied up and put in a room with no exit. Man: “Oh yes, there will be blood.”

Suddenly the man appeared to Slone. "Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice." “Sometimes dead is better, my Niece.”

The fantasy of his friends is over and they're all back in the mansion.

Nino: Yow Slone, Its so fun here! Slone uses her power to wake up her friends to reality.

All of her friends woke up and wondered where they are. Slone: You are in the world full of evil souls. We need to get out of here.

Man: Go, leave. Have you forgotten what's the consequences of the dreams you asked for? and Oh, your friend? Nino: We're so dead. Man: Nice guess. Sukie: Where's Jacob? Marco: Obviously, he took him.

They panicked when the man shouted "RUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN"and they hide in some places and got lost.

The man founded Slone and speak with a high voice so that her friends could hear it. "How long have we been waiting for you, Slone. All I need is your life, but I am so happy you brought your friends here."

Nino: Slone? Is this true? You betrayed us. Sukie: It make sense, I remember. You left us in front of the tree then the man came up and take us here. Marco: You've plan this? Gosh slone! Slone: No, It's not. Trust me. He's not telling the truth. Man: Then why? slone? Slone: I forgotten all of this, and its all back like my father said.

While they're talking, the guy earlier suddenly stabbed the man then they all ran and take Jacob, then they find a way out.

Slone: Guys, listen to me. Find the unique key of a door of the house and open the 4th door on the first floor so that you'll find the way out. Jacob: What? You're not coming with us? Sukie: Its not okay being alone, Slone? What are you doing? Slone: He needs my life, and I will save the world of my father. Marco: I brought you here, again. Leave me here.

Slone: No, its not your fault Marco. I'm just destined to be here. Jacob&Marco: I'll come with you. Slone: You dont need to come with me, just go. Sukie: We came here together, we will end this together. Nino: Are you out of your minds?

While the Man is not well yet, Slone and her friends made a plan. Slone and Jacob will find the other locked souls. Sukie and Nino will find the key to the door way out.

Slone and Jacob had opened the door filled with souls. The souls are free but in a sad fate, the Man was after them.

Slone: Let them go. Man: Its not that easy slone.

Slone distracted him so that they can run, Sukie and Nino find the way out. So they run fast as they can through out the tree.

They finally come out and entered in the world of Magical Tree and Melanie thank them. As they go out someone said, "I am free." -Whispered by the tree.

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