Unfair Should Disappear
Unfair Should Disappear poem stories

anonymysterious i'm already in hell, maybe you're next
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Favoritism is the cousin, It is a shapeshifted.

Unfair Should Disappear

Favoritism is the cousin,

It is a shape shifted.

At first it was just a caterpillar,

The next day, it was a butterfly.

It turns big and bigger,

and even deep and deeper.

Can we just need to stop?

And make all in top.

No one will go down,

And no one will go up.

No hurted feelings,

Even fake story tellings.

Be fair for what it looks like,

Whatever he wears like.

No need to fight.

Even the day and night. Black and white.

Time tells,

Pearls has it own shells.

At the ground,

Dont judge peoples sound.

They did wrong,

Help them make it right.

They're bad at singing songs,

But they have beautiful eye sight. :)

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