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anonymysterious i'm already in hell, maybe you're next
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In a scary big house on a big lot. There lived a female angel with a very intelligent and beautiful face, who everyone thought she was the son of a fairy according to the stories.

Tell Me A Story

In a scary big house on a big lot.

There lived a female angel with a very intelligent and beautiful face, who everyone thought she was the daughter of a fairy according to the stories.

"I am Ara, I am the daughter of a rich man who owns lands here. But, unfortunately my parents just disappeared like bubbles. They were taken from the evil elements they demanded."

Every day when Ara was alone in her life, a man passed by her house looking for a place to sleep.

"Anybody home?"

Ara goes down and asked what does he need.

Ara let the man in because he felt sorry for him because the weather was bad.

"I'm Kael, and you are?

"You don't need to know, when the sun raise and when the weather is fine. You can leave now and never come back here." Ara.

"Why?" Kael.

"I'm already in hell, maybe, you're next ..." Ara said scary.

The next day it rained heavily so Kael could not leave Ara's house. He thought of cooking breakfast so that he could eat and he also cooked food for Ara.

Ara woke up because of the fragrant smell that Kael was cooking and she quickly went down to the Kitchen and suddenly she saw Kael half naked while cooking. He looked at it slowly and he was stunned.

"Eat that, I took some leaves outside to make you full. Your foods are just easy to cook here. So, here, I have something prepared. I'm sorry I can't leave, I think it's storming. But if you feel uncomfortable, I guess I should leave then."

Kael is kind and understanding. So even though he is very picky about Ara's behavior, he understands it.

Because Ara likes to hide her emotions...

"It's not delicious, I don't want to eat anymore."

"Oh okay, can I take a bath? I have some things with me because I was supposed to be camping so I just didn't know that the weather was bad." Kael.

And Ara agreed.

When Kael left for the bathroom, she suddenly ate the food prepared by Kael because it was so delicious. Kael smiled because he saw that Ara was enjoying what he cooked.

"Where are the foods? You ate everything?" Kael asked him as if he doesn't already knew.

Ara answered seriously. "I threw it away, why? There's no one will eat. And it's not delicious."

The rain is getting heavier and Kael still can't leave. Ara was kind so she agreed to let Kael stay.

"Okay, you can stay." Ara wants to be with Kael so she said this.

"It wanna stay here (because I'm with you)" He whispered to himself.

"Aren't they looking for you? Your parents might be worried." Ara.

"They're gone ... I live with my Mother's siblings. They're busy, so they let me in so I just decided to leave. You?"

"I have a lot to do, Bye." Ara.

"Try something new, Tell me your story."

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