Tell me A Story.
Tell me A Story. part 3 stories

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This time.

Tell me A Story.

Ara sat down and started talking.

"What happened to our family didn't go well. I was not already born, it was chaotic. A lot of money but also a lot of problems.

My parents were very strict with me so I was alone because I did not know how to interact with other people. Our wealth doesn't comes from a clean way.

My parents are talking in a different kind of people, they are asking for it so it is fulfilled. They finally found out that there is a replacement, and its our blood.

So whenever something comes into my life, it will also leave me. " Ara.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I won't leave you. Promise, Ara." Kael.

Kael hugged him tightly.

Kael and Ara have a deep relationship. They were happy together but unfortunately, Ara's parents suddenly returned but it was just her Father.

"My daughter..."

"Dad, you came back. Where's mom?" Ara immediately hugged him.

Kael suddenly came out and saw Ara hugging him.

"Ara?" Kael.

They did not think Ara's father knew Kael.

"Kael?" Ara's father.

"You knew each other?" Ara.

They both said at the same time...

Kael: No. :Yes.

Ara's father suddenly burst into tears and hugged Kael.

"Get out of here, go far away and don't come back here... Son, take Ara with you. Go."

"You? My father? .." Kael.

"Are we siblings? Dad? I'm confused ..." Ara.

They sat down and Ara's father told a story.

"Your Mother joined the evil elements, I did not stop her because they hypnotized her. Kael, I've been watching you for a long time so I have known you for a long time.

I just do not want to come near you lest you be hurt. I love you so much. I love you so much both. I just can't get out of that woman's power, she wasn't like that before, she just changed.

She'll take you Kael. Get away from here, Save Ara. "

Ara and Kael finally left for a distant place but ... An unexpected accident happened.

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