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Not now.

Tell Me A Story

If not now, when?

"Not now." Ara.

While Ara was working in her room, she was restless thinking because she was thrilled.

She wonders why she feels so different to Kael.

Ara went downstairs and went to the living room to sit down first and rest. Kael came out of the room and Ara's happiness was overflowing again.

"Hi? I don't know your name yet?" Kael.

"Don't you really know me? I'm Ara."

Kael just smiled.

Kael began to talk about his life.

"Do you know? I'm the son of a villain? Joke. HAHAHA. My father left us when I was just in my mother's womb.

They said he was a rich man so his parents did not accept my mother because she was just poor. My mom's family is very angry that he didn't even fight for their love. He did nothing. "

"Why did your mother die? Did she get sick?" Ara asked.

"I was in my mothers womb when my fathers fiance found out he has a son so he tried to find us and wanted to kill us. When I was born, she found us and killed my mother without mercy.

When they told me that, it made me think that I should find her. Someone said they were taken by some other kind. That's why I searched in this forest. Maybe they're here... Maybe just. " Kael.

"It's not good to take revenge. But that's your life. My parents were also taken away by the other kind so they said I had a story about another creature." Ara.

Kael and Ara's conversation deepened. They are happy. Since they are already friends, Ara just allowed Kael to stay there first because she has no place to live.

If they talk to each other as if they already know each other, they do a lot of the same things as they used to do as if they were close to each other.

Kael thought as if he had told his whole story and told Ara.

"It's your time to talk about your life, I always do. I don't know your whole personality. Haha" Kael.

"Next time." Ara.

"If not now, when?"

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