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A great story of Lucas Alexander Guttierez known as Xander who is never a stranger to everyone and has often break few hearts. But he eventually met a woman that will change his life completely.

Call me Heartbreaker

Xander is a heartthrob on their campus and he is also the best player in his team, all women are fascinated by his appearance. He's a smart, handsome, rich, and an ideal guy for every girls.

He seems to be perfect but sadly he just lacks of good manners when it comes to girls because he often break their hearts. He has a personal problems and if he's alone, he always overthink it and starts to get angry. What could it be?

As he played, he suddenly kicked the ball hard and hit a woman without even apologizing. "Hey, pass the ball"

The girl was so upset because of what he did so she kicked the ball hard and accidentally hit Xander on the head and suddenly fainted. "Omg, I'm so dead!"

Girl brought him to the clinic.

Xander woke up without knowing what happened and the woman apologized. "I'm really really sorry, I didn't mean to hit you in the head. I'm really sorry."

As she apologized. He suddenly remember the incident. "You. You hit me in the head." "Yeah, and I'm sorry. I just wanted to hit you also because you hit me first but I didn't mean to hit you..." "Geez, Okay. Stop explaining, You're making me dizzy"

"Urgh, my head hurts."

"Okay okay, since its my fault, I'll take you home."

As they walk ahead to parking lot. They were very sorry for each other. They said at the same time, "About earlier, I'm really sorry."

They accuse themselves for what happened then they start fighting and end up laughing.

"So, what's your name?" "I'm Alexandrea Gardoza, but you can call me Xander or Xandra. You can call me whatever you want." "Are you joking? lol. You don't know me? Really? Are you serious?"

"Why? Who are you?" "Well, I'm Alexander. You can call me Heartbreaker, Xander." "Ooooohh oh oh, awkward. Just call me Xandra so that we'll not be confused." "Okay then, so can call you Mine?"

In the morning, Xander happily entered his class.

Xandra's classmates were shocked when she suddenly smiled because they had been with her for several years, and she didn't smile even at once.

After class, Xander went to Xandra's room, he even brought flowers for her and all the girls we're really stupid because of excitement .

Xandra was shocked why'd he give her flowers.

They started dating.

Always taking selfies.

Eats together.

Always strolling. Happy. And looks so in love.

They love each other to the point that they don't want to lose each other.

Until Xander learned and eventually changed. He knows how to see someone's worth and true meaning of love.

There was a girl who really like Xander. She even find a way for the two of them to get separate.

She spread throughout the campus that he had cheated many girls and she even spread an edited video of Xander and Xandra found out.

"Why? Your past issues are okay with me, I know you. You're a womanizer? I accept that because I love you. But the video? The date on it? Wasn't it just yesterday? I thought you've changed."

"Please trust me, I'm not on the video. Its all fake. Please." "Leave me alone, even just for once."

And the woman felt guilty for ruining them and suddenly explained what she did and apologized.

Xandra went to Xander to apologized. "I'm sorry, I didn't listen to you first." "No, I didn't make you understand. Sorry."

And because they love each other, They don't know what to say and just end up hugging tightly.

Even though he's a bad person or he did something wrong, he can always change for the sake of their loved ones. And even you're deceived, learn how to forgive.

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