Why Am I So Damn Numb
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I need to feel, why am I so numb? TRIGGER WARNING: includes self harm and language

Why Am I So Damn Numb

I'm locked in a cell, six feet underground, the walls are caving in on my skeletal body

The space is too tight and I can't breathe, I need to get out, just let me feel the breeze on my face

Get me out of my own damn waste, I need to get out but there's no way out but deeper to the depths of hell

My hands are buried in my hair, my throat scraped raw from the endless screaming as I shout for help that'll never come

As I scream for an answer to the lonely numbness that had cascaded over my body

Red gouged lines mark my skin, my nails jagged from where I'd sharpened them against my teeth

Cut cut cut, I don't want to be numb, but the pain doesn't make me feel, I'm so fucking used to it that I can't even fucking feel pain anymore

What the hell am I supposed to do?

I can't keep living with no purpose, no life, trapped in a box so that I can't even see the night

With no light and no dark, my world is smeared with nothing, no colors, no feelings, nothing

Get me out get me out, please just get me fucking out

Hurt me, help me, I don't give a damn, just make me feel, so I can have emotions again

I'm so damn numb, just break my body, rip me apart, stitch me back together, then do it all at once

Kill me, revive me, do what you want, I just want to feel, don't leave me alone

I'm sorry I scared you, come back please, no no no, DONT LEAVE

I want to feel feel feel, I need to, let me feel, I need to feel, let me feel

Why am I so fucking numb?

forever anonymous

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