Tired Minds do Stupid Things
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I'm tired of fighting TRIGGER WARNING: includes mentions of self harm and suicide, includes an image of self harm

Tired Minds do Stupid Things

I'm stuck in mud up to my knees, quicksand quickly swallowing me, the waters rising while my head stays under

I'm so tired of fighting, but I have to fight some more, I won't give up, but you keep giving me more monsters to fight, and I'm not alright, but I'm fine

You can't see the demons in my mind, and no matter how much you look, even with a telescope you won't see the shadows or the cobwebs dragging me into the depths of hell

I need a way out, and my words don't seem to help, only a temporary relief, and I can't write forever

I can't hurt myself forever, I can't carve this pain from my body no matter how much I try

Maybe if I took that knife and held it to my throat, maybe then, I'll be alright

Maybe then I can be at peace, for I'd have died

But I don't want to die, but I do, no one cares about the things I do

And I'm so through with living inside my head, twenty four seven, so maybe death can bring me the solstice I've been looking for my whole life

But dying by my own hand isn't right, it's not right, what do I care what is right?

It's what I want, it's what I need, without death I'll only bleed, and I don't want to survive day by day, I want to live, but there's no way

Is that ok? That's ok I guess, I got myself into my own mess, and apparently I'm too weak, too selfish to get back out of it

I'm tired and tired minds do stupid things

forever anonymous

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