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anonymouswrites sometimes the feelings overwhelm
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Alisa is a 16-year-old girl who was having a normal morning. When she goes inside of her house, she finds life-changing news. What do you think happens next?

The Death Toll

The Death Toll Chapter 1: Where It Goes

I sat upon the edge of the docks. The morning breeze embraced every goosebump on my arms. I could hear the waves crash with one another. They shoved one another till the finish line of the shore. I took the strands of hair in front of my face and pulled the, behind my ears.

I looked across my shoulder to find Finnegan. He was sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee from the pot. His white shirt was stained with multiple coffee stains. I laughed at the sight of Finnegan’s white shirt. I shouted,”So, is your shirt enjoying the coffee too?” I giggled at my remark.

“What are you laughing at, Ducky,” he gritted through annoyance. “So, you pulled out another short joke,” I joked,”I’m not the only thing that’s small.” He rolled his eyes and went back into our house. I dipped my toes into the ocean as I waited for Mom to call me in for breakfast.

As I walked into the house, my Mom was jumping up and down. She squealed like a fan girl for “cute” boy bands. I asked,”What is it? What’s all of this commotion about?” I looked toward my brother for answers but his eyes were only cold and distant. I took a step towards my mother and saw a slip of paper.

I began to realize what this meant. I knew exactly what was about to happen. Funny how this little slip of paper could change your life. Many woman would take it all in for the better. Finnegan and I have taken it in as the worse possible news. I dropped the slip and everything began going dark.

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