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It's too much TRIGGER WARNING: includes mentions of suicide, self harm, and language



Breathe Breathe

Breathe Breathe Breathe

I can't


I can't, I can't, I really can't

My lungs won't open, my hands won't unclench, my nails are digging in, but the pain can't bring me back

I can't breathe, panic is setting in, my body is shaking, don't let them in

Breathe, calm down, stop, stop, stop, my mind won't fucking stop

It's whirling and turning, and it won't rest, not for a minute, stop stop stop

Breathe, I can't, hold your breath and count to ten, but I hold it longer, maybe if I hold it long enough, I can just be dead

I'm so weak, so weak weak weak, for breathing again, let me die, please let me die, I just can't bear it

Shaking shaking shaking, my hearts rattling in a cage, it's breaking, my blood vessels quaking

Die die die, please let me die, I can't win against this demon in my head

Beat it out, beat beat beat, you can't let them win, you can't give in, die die die

Can I die yet? Hurt hurt hurt, maybe if I hurt enough my mind will stop, I just need it to stop

Let it stop, stop stop stop

forever anonymous

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