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Why are we striving to be perfect, when there’s no such thing?

Not Perfect

Why do my moods always turn upside down and inside out no matter how much I try to be happy and positive and good

Why do I always end up hating the body I see in the mirror at the end of the day

Why do I have mental breakdowns so much and so frequent

Why do I hate myself so much

You say I'm pretty, you say I'm kind, but it doesn't change anything, if I don't see that through my eyes

Why is society pushing us to have a certain body, a certain life, or anything at all

Why are we striving to be perfect when there's no such thing, and all we'll achieve is despair. It's just not fair

It's ruining our lives, it's ruining our minds

Why can't we just find a middle ground where everything is safe and sound

Why is there no in between and everything is either good or bad, happy or sad

Why can't we just be glad for the things we have

Why can't I stop complaining at all the things not changing

And change them myself

Because I'm not perfect

Yet I still try to be

written by: anonymous

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