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I'm doing something new. TRIGGER WARNING: Includes self harm, and depression


January 2020 - first week after winter break

January 2020 - first week after winter break I starved myself. And I thought, wow. Great New Years resolution. My mood was off, irritated easily, yet no one seemed to notice. But it's better that way, right?

January 27 2020 - Sunday before MLKJ

January 27 2020 - Sunday before MLKJ Billie Eilish released her song "everything i wanted". Idk what happened but it triggered me somehow. Don't get me wrong I love her songs and never experienced this before. It's not her fault. There's just something wrong with me. -->

January 27 2020 - Sunday before MLKJ I cut myself after, in the confines of my room, blood dripping down like fireworks on the fourth of July.

January 28 2020 - MLKJ day

January 28 2020 - MLKJ day This was the worst day in my life. I was completely numb. I could barely move. I didn't talk at all, didn't eat, and didn't exercise. I hit the worst of my depression.

January 29 2020 - school

January 29 2020 - school No one noticed my mood. That I didn't talk let alone smile. They went on with their day like everything was alright but it really wasn't. I wanted to tell someone but they'd either judge me, change the way how they looked at me, or simply not even care.-->

January 29 2020 - school So I never peeped a word. The next day, I went back to normal.

This is different as you can tell. I think I'm going to start writing down the worst of my depression in a diary like entry. I'll still write poems though when I start feeling things that I can't control. Again, don't read if you aren't resistant to triggering

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