I Know The Signs

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Does anyone know the signs of when they're about to get worse?

I Know The Signs

I know the signs of when I'm about to break

shattering against the cold tiled floor

lying against the broken concrete and feeling too much and nothing

My hair escapes in too many strands

falling against the ground like a dark cobweb where the darkest spiders live

My eyes stay open through the night

as the stars fade and the sun begins to shine

and exhaustion weighs down on me and I fall into an abyss

I want to sleep in the day

my limbs are lead, sore

yet I paste a smile on my face

convince myself that everything is ok

everything's ok

My grades drop like a stone in the sea

falling rapidly as the one thing I'm good at also falls away

I might as well get rid of everything, my friends, my rules...

My life?

I grow quiet, reserved

drawing into myself like spooling yarn back into a ball

stealing my life out of my own hands and shoving it into a closet that I won't open for

who knows how long

I know the signs, and I can't stop any of it

forever anonymous

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