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I can't breathe

Help Me Breathe

I can't breathe, and as I see the setting sun the only thing upon my mind is, "should I run?"

Should I escape these emotions dragging me down and drowning me even though I'm on land?

Should I break free from these shackles holding me back, and let out a scream so people can see that I'm not alright?

Should I hurt me to help me breathe? If I died would I be able to sleep in peace?

Would I see the stars and people for who they are without the labels and locked doors with no keys?

Would my mind be free from the darkness that plagues it like the wind to fall leaves?

Would my body be unscarred from all the hurtful things I've done just so I could find peace?

Could I finally love me for who I am and not who I'm supposed to be?

Could I look at myself and find my refection appealing?

Could I dream of anything besides what I'm not and what I want me to be?

As I'm talking to the shadow in my mind, I plead with it to leave me be, to disappear from this world, and all the others it plagues, so we can all live free

Don't ask if I'm ok in the comments But if anyone needs to talk, you can talk to me

forever anonymous

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