The Messy Man with OCD
The Messy Man with OCD clean stories

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I found the tension between someone being so clean and controlling externally, yet so messy and wild verbally and mentally to be an interesting one. And yes, it is sad, and slightly long, so thank you for those of you who read it all the way through! Also, yes, I am okay and safe. Though this is based on a real person in my life, this poem is based on past events.

The Messy Man with OCD

I once met a man,

Who had OCD

He counted every step he took

He constantly re-aligned his papers

He loved control

He survived in routine

Spent all his time re-cleaning the same things.

But one thing

He could not contain

Could not control

Could not wipe away

Was not his messes

His hands made

But the words he spoke

That caused dissaray.

His mouth ran wild

They left things broken


And out of line.

He never bothered to clean them

Or make things right.

His fear tracked in dirt

His anger left stains

His arrogance shattered the good China

His cynicism left water rings.

No matter how damaging

the words were

And no matter how understanding

People tried to be

Time after time

He still couldn't see

How his messes

destroyed more than just "things".

So though the man counted

everything carefully

And he kept his baseboards

perfectly clean

and always put everything

back in it's spot.

He found himself alone

organizing the drawers

drowning in a mess

Washing the bedding

But living in stench

Sanitizing the kitchen counters

Yet spreading toxicity

Yes, the man with OCD

Was too blind to see

That he was living in filth

He refused to clean.

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