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anonymousmuses Community member
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Feeling all the feels.


Today I walked through the local Fred Meyer

And I went a different way than usual

I walked through the Valentines Day isles

Filled with gifts and cards

All for a "special someone"

I continued to the furniture section

Where a living room displays were shown

I saw how cozy the couches looked,

But I didn't want to sit on them alone.

I went on to the giant fridges,

Where the milk is kept cold

As I opened the clear-glass doors,

And looked to the right of me

A family of 4, all voting

On what kind of cheese, tonight's dinner would need

When I picked up my milk, and placed it in my basket

I wondered

Would I have someone to stand beside,

when the milk isle got too cold?

As we opened every fridge door,

Just to settle on one coffee creamer?

So we could stay on a budget

That we wrote late one evening together?

To buy a house

To build a home

To find a couch

To never be alone.

To find someone special.

For them to find me.

Even more special

Than I ever speculate I could be.

To make these everyday moments

Feel less lonely.

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